Thinking of launching a podcast? Here’s what you need to know!

Business Brew: Work-From-Home #10

Our 10th Work-From-Home Business Brew was not only engaging but incredibly practical. Our guest was Jyllea Johnson who is a podcaster, writing specialist, and marketing consultant. The topic was podcasting and Jyllea came ready with her best tips and tricks for starting a podcast. For businesses or individuals looking to launch a podcast, Jyllea provided valuable steps to start a podcast.

One of the biggest takeaways from the conversation was Jyllea’s checklist for starting a podcast.

Starting a Podcast Checklist:

  1. Title – you have to give the podcast a name. 
  2. Podcast Artwork – the podcast needs artwork (a logo, if you will), and tools like Canva or Anchor make this easy.
  3. Show Artwork – in the long run, you’ll want to consider creating artwork for each episode of the podcast that matches the main podcast artwork. Really, this should be like tip 2.1 because it’s not 100% essential to launch your podcast.
  4. Create an Anchor Account – Anchor is the easiest one-click tool for launching your podcast. It will distribute your podcast to streaming services automatically. Anchor can even help you with artwork and recording. 
  5. Recording and Audio Quality – you can record in Anchor, or look to third-party recording platforms like Zencastr or These tools can also help you with audio editing. 
  6. Trailer – consider editing together a trailer for your podcast. This is a great way to gain new listeners. 
  7. Announce Your Podcast – the final step is to promote your podcast. If this is for a business, use all the existing marketing channels – social media, website, e-newsletter, etc. – to announce your podcast. If your an individual, use your personal social media sites or launch new ones to match the podcast title. 

A bit more about Jyllea…

Jyllea loves helping Spokane’s small businesses thrive by creating solid marketing strategies for them. While it can be exhausting to constantly pump out content to promote your business, Jyllea has a knack for making that process easier—and hopefully a little fun! Her very favorite media channel is podcasting.

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