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Tinderbox Marketing exists to serve God by serving others.


How do we serve others? The campsite rule: leave everyone in better shape than we found them (like you would a campsite!).


Tinderbox consults with small businesses and entrepreneurs on their sales and marketing initiatives.

A tinderbox is a small [but powerful] container containing flint, firesteel, and tinder, used together to help kindle a fire.


Tinderbox Marketing in Spokane, WA (formerly Tinderbox Consulting) believes in serving others by leaving every business, nonprofit, or entrepreneur better off than we found them, even if they don’t become a client. We do this by:

— offering free marketing audits.

— presenting actionable tips for improving a prospective client’s marketing, free.

— encouraging intentionality with the way our clients work, market, and communicate their stories.

— pioneering multi-branding strategies and business development initiatives.

— supporting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Spokane, WA by staying mission-driven.