You’ll Never Believe What Happens Next

You clicked on clickbait. That’s what happened.

The social media space is bursting at the seams with websites that claim to have the best pictures or best information, when, in reality, they have neither. These sites have one goal: get you to the site so you’ll see ads and hopefully click on ads.

The internet isn’t new anymore. Websites aren’t new anymore. Even social media isn’t new anymore (Facebook is 12 years old!). So why are we still falling for this stuff?

We should know better than to fall for clickbait from spammy sites.

We should know better than to download files from suspicious emails.

It’s time to be a smarter consumer. A smarter business owner. A smarter neighbor. A smarter parent.

Because while websites, click bait and the internet aren’t new, there are some people who are new to it, new to the game. Our parents, our kids, even sometimes our friends. And if we don’t know any better, how can we help them when they fall into a spam trap?

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