Saying “No” is the Best Way to Say “Yes” to Your Business!

Business Brew Work-From-Home #9
Saying “No” is the Best Way to Say “Yes” to Your Business!

Dorothy Zevenbergen, owner of Cultivate Consulting, was the February 2021 guest at Business Brew. Dorothy is an expert in setting boundaries in business and coaches her clients on how to set healthy boundaries. 

Here are some of the highlights from the conversation.

How to Set Prices for Services

Dorothy was asked about pricing strategies and how to set (and stick) to pricing. The question was specifically about how small business owners that provide a service can set prices and stand their ground. Dorothy grave some great tips:

  1. Set clear expectations for pricing and deliverables up font.
  2. Use the phrase “let me get back to you” when asked questions about pricing (or anything else for that matter) that you can answer right away. This tool lets you take a step back, gather your thoughts, and respond appropriately.
  3. Be willing to not take the client if they don’t agree with your pricing (or process, or ethics, etc.). There will always be another client. Don’t compromise your pricing or ethics for someone that might wind up being a bad client anyway. 

These tips were also applied to a conversation about asking for a raise and negotiating salary during the interview process. 

Tips for Developing Boundaries

  1. Work on yourself first. Healthy boundaries start when you’re physically and emotionally in a good place. 
  2. Get a buddy! Find someone that’s familiar with boundaries that you can talk to, complain to, and role-play with. Boundaries require practice!
  3. Get clear and realistic with yourself and your abilities and prioritize accordingly. 
    1. It’s important to say no to some things.
    2. Create fences around work and personal life. 
    3. Make sure that every project, appointment, and task has a purpose. 
  4. Over-communicate with everyone!
  5. Get professional help if you need it. 

You can watch the full video below!

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