Save Time and Do Less

The folks over at WeWork have put together a great blog post that features seven tricks and tips to save time by doing less. It’s a great article on productivity, especially as it concerns being efficient.

My favorite tip – although they are all excellent – concerns the delegation of certain tasks. From the blog post:

“Whether or not you’re a manager, there are opportunities to delegate to colleagues. If you’re doing everything yourself, and think “it’s just faster for me to do it,” you may be a delegatophobe. Take a good look at your tasks over the last week—are all of those really your job description? If not, check out my tips for successful delegation to get started pushing some things off of your plate.”

A while back, I wrote a blog entitled “The Top Three Mistakes I See Small Business Owners Make,” and number two concerns delegation.  Small business owners are often “delegataphobes” and try to do everything as it relates to their business.

Head over and read the full article, but to summarize, here are tips and tricks:

  1. Do you say no?
  2. Are you delegating enough?
  3. Is everything on your to-do list necessary?
  4. Are all of the recruiting meetings on your calendar necessary?
  5. For one-off meetings, is your default length too long?
  6. Do you even need a meeting at all?
  7. Are you a slave to your inbox?

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