The One Thing Starbucks Never Does

The one things Starbucks never does is ask me to leave if I am there just to enjoy the free wifi. I can set up shop for twenty minutes or three hours and never order a coffee, Frappucino or Chicken Artichoke Panini on Ancient Grain Flatbread.

That’s because Starbucks, from a marketing standpoint, recognizes that they aren’t only in the business of coffee-ish beverages and snacks. Starbucks also knows they are in the business of making people feel welcome.

If Starbucks doesn’t create an inviting environment, then I don’t feel welcome. If I don’t feel welcome, I don’t go to Starbucks. If I don’t go to Starbucks, I don’t buy anything.
So, even if I go to Starbucks ten times but only buy coffee three times, that’s fine with them. They were already open. They already bought chairs and provided free wifi. Whether I’m there or not doesn’t cost them anything, and when I finally do buy something, they win.

Sometimes there’s what you sell, and then there’s what you offer. They aren’t always the same.Don’t be in such a rush to just sell that you disenfranchise those who follow because of what you offer. Eventually, they will buy because of what’s offered.

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