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Giving Advice

I like to give advice. I like to help others. In fact, the mission of Tinderbox Consulting is “to serve God by serving others.”

But, I want to be transparent about something. I don’t give advice because I’m the smartest person (I’m not). I don’t give advice because I have all the answers (I don’t). I don’t give advice because I’ve always gotten in right (I haven’t).

Here’s the deal. I give advice because I’m flawed. I give advice because I’ve made more than my fair share of mistakes. The thing is, I’ve figured out how to learn from my mistakes (James 1:2 NLT, if you’re interested).

My mistakes are battle scars. My battle scars are the marks of wisdom earned the hard way. I choose to not hide my scars. I embrace them. I own them. Then, I use them to help others.

My advice isn’t perfect. Neither am I. But my advice always comes from a place of love. My advice comes from experience. My advice comes from my scars.

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