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Fear of Computers

Computers aren’t going anywhere.

Technology in our lives will only increase not decrease.

For better or worse.

Understanding how to use a computer is essential to small business in this day and age. It doesn’t matter what your business is, you will most likely need a computer to be more efficient. Even if it’s in a limited capacity.

But, as someone who leads dozens of workshops a year — workshops on marketing and social media for small businesses — I’ve come to a conclusion. For many small business owners, not knowing how to use Facebook or how to use MailChimp isn’t the issue. It’s cyberphobia.

Obviously, cyberphobia is a real phobia and is categorized as a “extreme or irrational fear of computers or technology.” I am in no way making fun of that.

But, there’s a lesser condition. A condition categorized by an unwillingness or a fear or a pessimism surrounding the use of computers.

In my experience, a large percentage of small business owners have very little knowledge surrounding the use of computers. In many cases, the unwillingness isn’t irrational, it’s not fear based, but it is based in a stubbornness.

And, it’s not generational. All ages of small business owners suffer from this.

Here’s the deal. There’s lots of help. Almost all library districts have access to free training. There’s Udemy.com, offering free to fee-based webinars. There’s lynda.com. There’s YouTube.

Don’t let your inability to use a computer handicap your ability to run a successful business. Learning to use a computer is an attainable skill for anyone. I promise.

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