DisasterProofing Your Small Business

Coming off the tail end of the Great Windstorm of 2015 (AKA, #InlandWind, or the #Windocalypse) and contending now with the regular variety of snow and ice (#SpoSnow, and #Spice?), there seems no better time to discuss small business preparedness for emergency weather situations.

The best tip is to have both an Emergency Response Team and an Emergency Strategy.

The team consists of who handles what during an emergency. Obviously, you want a point person who heads the team, as well as team members. For example, who will post on the website or on social meeting about business hour changes? Also, the Emergency Response Team should list back ups.

The Emergency Strategy includes what your organization will do in response to an emergency. How will you communicate business changes or updates? How will you access online tools while offsite and who has access and passwords to the online tools?

Bonus tip: when employees have to miss work due to icy roads or poor weather conditions, have an HR plan as well. How will you handle sick/vacation days or paid time off?

Just like with your personal household, planning an Emergency Strategy for your business in advance will help you keep your feet on the ground when the storm hits.

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