Checking Things Off the List

As entrepreneurs and small business owners, we all need (and deserve) a win every now and again.

Unfortunately, it’s not often enough that our clients or customers thank us – however, they are often quick to criticize.

For that reason alone (although there are many other good reason), we need wins.

The easiest way to get a win is to check something off a to do list. The prerequisite is that you need a to do list. Whether it’s a project management tool (Flow or Insightly) or a task manager (Remember the Milk), a digital to do list can keep your to-do’s in front of you, wherever you go. Which means you can add things that need to get done to the list from anywhere.

It also means that you can check things off the list wherever you are. And this is the win. The win is checking things off and receiving that sense of accomplishment.

To get my daily dose of wins, I put nearly everything in a to do list. That way, I’m crossing things off the list. Daily.

We need that as entrepreneurs. We need to feel like we’re accomplishing something. Like we’re doing something. That we’re getting things done, because we are.

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