You Can Tell A Lot About Someone By Where They Park

I went to my son’s school early the other morning before school started to help set up for an event. I was pulling in just as the teachers and other staff were arriving for the day and I noticed something interesting. Most of the teachers and staff were parking in spaces right in front of the main doors. However, one person wasn’t. She parked almost as far away from the main doors as she could get. I thought she might be heading for an alternative entrance, but as she got out of her car, she proceeded to walk towards the main entrance.

Growing up, my dad would park at the back end of the parking lot because he didn’t want anyone parking by his truck and scratching his paint job. But that wasn’t the case here because her car isn’t anything special.

Look, I know this isn’t a huge deal but it really tells you a lot about someone. What she’s saying is that she’d rather someone else have a spot by the front doors because she doesn’t mind walking a little further.

Little things like this can reveal a lot about someone.


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