I Can Fix the Post Office

I think the Post Office should go in a different direction. Instead of closing branches, reducing days of operation, and activating layoffs, they should increase hours and days of operation, hire more employees, and open satellite branches.

First, the Post Office should deliver mail on Sunday. Who else does that? No one. Offer something no other delivery service offers. Think about the online implications with sites like Amazon. The world runs 24 hours a day (except in Spokane). Be the first delivery service to do the same.

Next, hire more employees and mandate customer service training. When was the last time you had a good experience at the Post Office? They should act as if they actually want your business. Instead, they seem pissed at you, as if you ruined their day just getting in line. Conversely, when was the last time you had a bad experience at a Costco? Exactly. Never.

Finally, increase locations by offering satellite branches, and then have them open earlier and stay open later. Think 6am – 10pm. Does the UPS Store do that? Nope.

Instead of reducing the effectiveness of an already outdated business model, shoot the moon and do something no one else does. You’re already losing money. Spend money and become something more. Become indispensable and irreplaceable. Boom.

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