The Agora Awards

An Agora is an ancient Greek word denoting an ancient Greek concept; an ‘open place of assembly’ where citizens from all walks of life would gather to talk and to trade. Philosophers, Socrates himself, strolled barefoot through the square, sparking lively debates with followers and passersbys. Merchants peddled everything from silks to sweets. It was a vital, central place for ideas and for business.

But what’s a 21st century denizen of Spokane, Washington (thousands of miles and years from the temples and agoras of Greece!) doing musing about the old meanings of an old word? A few months ago, Tinderbox Consulting was nominated for Greater Spokane Incorporated’s 2016 Agora Awards for excellence in business. A few weeks later, Tinderbox became a finalist in the small business category, which was worthy cause for reflection. For contemplation. For gratitude.

Tinderbox Consulting has sought, for three years now, one purpose. To serve God by serving others, and to serve others by leaving them better off than we found them. We’ve experienced some success in that, but it would not have been possible without this local agora at Greater Spokane Incorporated, at hotbeds of collaboration and innovation like Fellow Coworking and Startup Spokane, and within the Spokane community as a whole, so vibrant with entrepreneurial spirit and support.

As we prepare to attend the 31st Annual Agora Awards, Tinderbox Consulting is grateful to every support, friend, client, prospect, company and advisor who helped us along the journey. We hope to be able to give back to you what you have given to us and in the meantime, we’ll see you in the agora.


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