Good Gig or Bad Scheme?

This idea of the “gig economy”, a.k.a. freelancing or independent contracting, (or it’s cousin, consulting) is fascinating to me for the simple fact that I make my living off of it.

However, the laws behind the gig economy, I’ve only casually paid attention to. Essentially, I know what makes an independent contractor versus an employee in the state of Washington.

Moreover, I work with my clients as an independent contractor. That’s afforded me the opportunity to hire a full time employee. So, I have experience with both models. I’m a fan of both models for various reasons.

What I’m not a fan of is people or organizations who think they can skirt the system in the name of profits, or as a way to avoid employer responsibility. I’m not a fan of taking advantage of anyone.

The gig economy presents a lot of opportunity to make a living on your terms. However, like most things in life, it also presents a lot of opportunity for malice.

For a great listen on this, check out the podcast Life of the Law #54: Bad Gig, which really was the inspiration for this blog.

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